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Invest in your memories!

I have strong background as a documentary photographer and can be hired to photograph weddings, children birthday parties,  family afternoon play dates, moments on a trip as a tourist, and other life moments one would want to have beautifully documented for future memories.

All sessions are specialized for the client. And this is not only during the session but afterwards when you are navigating how you would like the images printed. This important step is for picking the right image and size to hang  monumentally in your home or keep as a special gift for yourself or that other special person in your life.

A little more about the woman behind the images...

Tahila has been working as a photographer for 15 years. While studying in Prague, Tahila apprenticed with Internationally renowned photographer Karel Cudlín. She received her Masters of Fine Art: Photography from the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked as a photographic contractor and consultant media educator for individual clients, corporations and nonprofits nationally and throughout Africa, the America’s, Europe, and the Middle East. During the past 5 years she has also been a photography lecturer teaching university students in Texas. 

Tahila teaches private clients how to refine their photographic skills, both camera mechanics and visual expression.

She has recently relocated back to Ithaca, New York but continues to  travel with or for clients Nationally and Internationally both for photographing and leading photographic courses in the field.

Please contact her for any further information.

Email / +1.607.351.8813