Tahila Xicuamazatl Mintz is the woman behind Abundance in the Light and is currently working in the Austin area teaching photography at Central Texas College.

She also works as a consultant for branding, community outreach through media, media specialist, educator and documentarian and is a media rights educator.

Her skills include photography and videography, creating media for clients and working personally on art work for galleries and privet collections.


Tahila received her BA from American University in Multicultural Communications. During this time she spent a year apprenticing in Prague with Karel Cudlín, Czech surreal documentary photographer and the official photographer to President Vaclav Havel. After graduation she worked in Guatemala with an indigenous women's micro finance group and local educational system.

She received her Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography from the University of Texas. Using her experience as a media specialist, educator and documentarian she has traveled and worked in Africa, Central America, Europe, Central Asia, North America and the Middle East.

Her photography reflects a passion for the ideals of educational uplift, cross cultural respect, bridge building and human rights have inspired her to be involved in community building and activism, nationally and internationally.

Her personal work can be found at www.Tahila.net